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Reference: HANDBOOK 6500.6 APPENDIX A CHECKLIST FOR INFORMATION SECURITY IN THE INITIATION PHASE OF ACQUISITIONS 1. BACKGROUND In accordance with VA policy, contractors storage, generation, transmission
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let's go back to school let's create a volunteer form for our field trips what I want to do is I want to create a fillable form inside blue bean but I'm gonna use an existing PDF to help get to that end result so the first thing I want to do is I want to go over and I want to open up the form that I plan to use so here it is this is the volunteer form that we're going to create so let's get started if I go over to the tools drop down and I go over to form notice I have several different options I can choose from I can create a text box so anywhere I want a user to input text I create a radio button or a check box I can give a list box have a list of things they choose from or perhaps even a drop-down menu I can even make a button or a digital signature for this exercise I want to see how many fields Bluebeam will actually recognize so I'm gonna do automatically create notice it picked up all of my text so it recognized that there was a line there most likely symbolic of insert text here and it placed a field for us the only thing I have left now is my check boxes so let's make a few of those I'm gonna go back up to tools over to form and I'm gonna choose check box I'm just gonna draw my check box creating a crossing window left or right now while I still have it selected I'm gonna hit ctrl C on my keyboard to copy it I'm gonna hover my cursor wherever I want the placement to go so I want to start in this corner I'm gonna hit control B it'll automatically place it in that corner for me again just hitting control v moving my cursor that looks pretty good I hit escape get out of the command now the only thing I have left to do is save this so I'm gonna do file save as I'm going to create this volunteer form here and hit save now I can distribute this to whoever I need to and they have a fillable form that they can fill out so they come in here they can add their information so here is my email address I can just that I actually want to be a vent organizer that's something that excites me and then I can fill out whatever I have left and then distribute this to my team again all we did was we use an existing form use the tools form automatically create to get us started and it might pick up on some of the check boxes or some of the other functionality and then anything it doesn't we just do it on our own we save it and there we go